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Goth Funnel and Fishing Community Memorials


Town Council assumes custodianship of important Fleetwood landmarks


On the 28th March Fleetwood Town Councillors voted unanimously to take over responsibility for the Goth Funnel and Fishing Community Memorials from the trustees of the memorials, who wanted to ensure they would continue to be maintained and cared for in the long term. This process is now complete, and the trust have transferred the remaining monies of £1869.65 to the Town Council account. This has been ringfenced for the sole use of the repair, maintenance and any other costs associated with the two memorials. On Saturday June 24th a handover ceremony will take place at 10.30am at the Goth Funnel site to formally acknowledge this transfer, and thank the retiring trustees for all their hard work in saving and promoting a unique piece of Fleetwoods heritage.

Created: Tue 06 Jun 2017, 15:03
Modified: Tue 06 Jun 2017, 15:03


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